Coding Annoyances

More than a blog, this is a repository of LaTeX and Matlab annoyances I have had to deal with in my research.

  • FOMC dotplot with D3 and Python

    The FOMC's dotplot is part of the Summary of Economic Projections (SEPs) released 4 times per year along with the policy decision statement on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th meetings of the FOMC. It shows the views of each of the FOMC's participants regarding the end-of-year level of the fed funds rate over the next few years and in the longer run.

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  • Choropleth maps with D3, Python, and data from FRED

    I often need to create simple thematic maps of the Fourth Federal Reserve District, for example of the unemployment rate by county. The data are readily available from FRED, but using ArcView is no fun.

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  • Export PNG charts from Excel

    Excel cannot directly export charts or Save As in other image formats, but with a simple macro one can export charts in PNG format. This format is great for including charts in LaTeX documents with \includegraphics{chart.png}.

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  • Pandoc, beamer, MAKE workflow

    The goal is to produce a nicely formatted beamer presentation in pdf format without losing focus away from the slides content by constantly meddling with the latex styles.

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  • How to collaborate with Scientific Workplace users

    When writing papers in latex, I usually use WinEdt and MikTeX (more recently, I started using SublimeText with TexLive), but most of my co-authors only use ScientificWorkplace with the dated TrueTeX latex engine.

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